Some tips before leaving for your trip…. but to also keep in mind during your travel

Money -Cost of living / Budget
  • Make sure to have with you some local currency in banknotes or to be able to withdraw money from an ATM upon arrival in the country. Think about having either € or US$ in banknotes on hand which are accepted in most countries (for payments or to be exchanged in local foreign exchange offices).
  • Check in advance the local cost of living and establish an appropriate budget.
  • Be aware of your credit card(s) limitations (ceiling) and of the insurance coverage you benefit while you pay with your credit card(s). In general, an emergency number (to be used for blocking your card(s) or other issues) is indicated on the reverse side of your credit card(s). Make sure to annotate this number in your passport or in a secret/safe place.
  • Consider the tips you may have to leave in addition to the indicated amount.
  • When bringing back some souvenirs or electronic devices, do not forget to consider the Duty Free Shops or the Customs Duty.

Most credit cards include an insurance coverage (for example cancellation fees in case you purchased your airline ticket with your credit card or costs of deterioration of equipment you just bought). Also note that insurance coverage can be contracted everywhere with simple 2 clicks or even via internet.  We recommend ELVIA INSURANCE – GLOBAL ASSISTANCE.

Check on your civil liability concerning your stay abroad, legal assistance, coverage for reimbursement of costs in case of illness or accident, the possibility of an advance of funds can be very interesting and could avoid a lot of complications. You may also purchase insurance coverage for your luggage (airlines provide compensation for deterioration/loss/delay of your luggage during air transportation.


What to take with you for your trip? What to put into your luggage?
To answer this question, you need to know :
-    the meteorological conditions of your country of destination (water and air temperatures).
-    the activities you are going to practice
-    the terms and conditions of your airline (excess luggage, maximum size of checked-in and carry-on luggage).


Details are available on the website of your airline-
Liquids and gels are prohibited. Only tubes and bottles of maximum 100ml are tolerated and must be in a closed transparent plastic bag of 20x20cm.e aware of the customs regulations (how many foreign exchange or how many bottles of alcohol can you bring back home)

Passport, Formalities and visa

Check in advance for visa requirements if needed. Make sure to put a copy of your passport and your itinerary into each of your luggage.

Time zone / Jetlag

Obtain information regarding time zones/jet lag.

Temperature, electricity,weights and measures

Obtain information concerning above and make sure to travel with a power adapter.
Temperature: Degree Fahrenheit (ºF) = Degrees Celsius (ºC) +32
Weights and Measures: 1 Kg. = 2,2 lbs
Length: 2,5 cm = 1 inch
Volumes: 10 ml = 0,35 fl.oz
Languages: There are various dictionaries or translators available for a cost between CHF 100 and CHF 250 (top of the top) for 30 language !!

Recommandations to take beautiful travel pictures:

Take your time, look and focus (each non-cut corner), the subject must not be necessarily be in the center.

Health and vaccinations

Do not forget to take your vaccination booklet with you.
A medial consultation with a doctor for any extensive trip is necessary and appropriate vaccinations should be foreseen.
There are international vaccination centers available.
There may be local epidemics and sometimes certain vaccines are not specifically mandatory but recommended.
Recommended vaccinations in all cases: against Diphtheria,Tetanus, Poliomyelitis  and very often (to be checked) : Pertussis and Measles