Our Teams can assist you with accessing the excitement, vibrancy and diversity around the world. For help in planning itineraries, visit our website "place to be etc." or contact our team.

Traveldream Switzerland & Co is designed to provide travel professionals with easy access to the resources, addresses and contacts you need for planning, marketing and selling tours in all the countries with whom our team has worked.

There are many ways to travel. TravelDream will help make your tour as meaningful, adventure-filled, and as exciting as you want it to be. That's both our passion and our pledge to you. 

Besides publishing travel guides and magazines, we serve as international tourist advisors and organizers, providing recommendations and references to venues we have both personally tested and enjoyed.  We also provide professional counseling in such fields as photography, extreme sports, etc. .

The TravelDream team is made up of professionals in journalism and photography who are all looking forward to sharing their skills with you and adding genuine value to your tours.

TravelDream's members



Patty is a graduate of a Commercial High School and as the founder of TravelDream, she has owned and operated the business for many years. Through her discoveries, meetings and extensive travels, she creates, innovates and finds new opportunities to bring the best possible travel experiences to her clients.

A true “adventuress”, Patty swims like a fish and assists others to expand their confidence and competence in underwater adventures. She is dedicated to extreme sports such as Karate, Ski, Speed Skiing, and Scuba-diving …her great passions.

A success in whatever she undertakes, Patty can do everything and adapts to all situations, including writing and editing journalistic presentations and working with the photographic team as well as managing some sports shops ( scuba diving, etc.).

She is very much engaged in all environmental concerns and has been responsible for the Geneva Lake Cleaning for the past 25 years. Patty accepts all challenges and procures fun and energy to the team. She has consulted with other countries (Egypt, Laos, etc.) with regard to environmental clean-up and preservation.


Caro’s first passion is tourism. She has a solid background of several years in the field of communication and commerce, which she draws from and employs during her travels to establish and new contacts and develop and maintain business partnerships with TravelDream.  She is always looking for harmony in whatever she does, and is very charismatic.

She is responsible for editing tourist guides such as the "Petit Futé", and is in constant search for “the right place” or address, and finding the “must-see” places to be discovered. She also takes care of the partnerships of TravelDream.

After living in different countries, Caro has finally decided to move to Switzerland. During her travels, she developed her Zen particularly during her visits to India, Israel or Iceland--destinations where nature and authenticity are paramount.


Eric has been with Patty at TravelDream for many years. He has participated and developed several projects since the beginning.  He is a real professional in information systems and new technologies and is considered to be the "Swiss Army Knife" of the team.

As often as he can, Eric takes advantage to travel and discover the underwater world around the globe. He is always ready for new adventures and knows how to transform dreams into reality.


Severine brings a lot of knowledge to the team thanks to her vast experience with the Tourist Office as a professor of voluntary tourism, a representative for tourism development, and as a guide for tourists in Europe. Above all, she loves to share and make known the thousands of facets of visited countries. Insatiable curiosity expands her taste of the architecture, art and local history. These are the values she is looking for when travelling.

Open by nature for inter-cultural relations and heritage discoveries, Severine went through a commercial and tourist training program, and is the French representative of TravelDream.

She travels the world--sometimes with her family--short hops within Europe, from Mayotte to Florence, from New York to Istanbul, from Bali to Crete. With each trip, she brings home the flavor of local dishes and generously shares recipes. She also shares the "taste of dreams" and the "taste of travel”.


Originally Egyptian, Patricia loves traveling in countries in the North of Africa. Her favorite countries are Morocco and Egypt. She is both a pharmacist and a chemist, and she travels frequently to many different countries for research about plant-based medicines.

Patricia knows how to combine both reality and enthusiasm while managing the projects of TravelDream in regard to medical and biological research and often publishes the results of her research. Her most recent article was about bio products used in Jamaica.



Stéphane Gosteli is a serial traveller with more than 95 countries visited. He has stayed at least one months in most of them. From Burma to Ushuaia, he has collected experiences in all parts of the world.

His last adventures: white shark photographing in Mexico, hiking in Capo Verde, Northern lights hunting in Iceland, feta cheese tasting in Greece, snowmobile riding in Norway ……

His next destinations : Tunisia, Russia, Mexico, Azerbaijan and Lebanon. He has written for different travel guidebooks companies. For instance, he worked for the French-speaking company called “Le Petit Futé” and wrote four guidebooks for them : Yemen, Switzerland, Peru and Maldives.

He is a qualified diving instructor by PADI, SSI, NAUI and IAHD (disabled divers).

He has worked in different locations around the world. Stéphane is an entrepreneur too that is active in very diverse areas extending from company coaching to financial advisory. He is working with TravelDream as a journalist and as a web content specialist.