TravelDream, Patty MOLL and other high level athletes from TravelDream are often asked to travel all over the world and sometimes to perform an exploit or to participate in exhibitions, such as reporting in Nicaragua where "skiing" or "surfing" from the top of a volcano has been performed, or the expedition to Ushuaia to list diving sites for topographical purposes.

Multi-activities in nautical and gliding sports , World Record 1997 in dynamic apnea without fins & World Record in monoski speed skiing in 2004,  2nd rank World Cup 2004 in "Les Arcs" in speed skiing, category production.
Since 2004 Swiss Champion in speed skiing,  World Cup Les Arcs = 203km/h, Sports Distinction In 1997 Swiss Champion Award in 1998 & 2005, Member of the Swiss Federation of speed-skiing, National Cadre A.

Organizer, Animator and participant of large meetings (Responsible of animation of the Geneva X-Mas cup), Geneva lake cleaning, demonstration of rescue, children day of multisports, sea camp.

Member of the Technical, Commission of the Swiss Federation of Submarine Sports (Children Section), President of a Scuba Diving Club in France and Switzerland.

Responsible of tuition of Scuba Diving and water sport activities (children), (Public Schools, Leisure Service City of Geneva).

Reporting of various countries, special expeditions (ex: Ushuaia, Central America, Africa, extreme activities ...).

Passion in children sports development (choice of discipline, sport coaching)

exceptional challenges; Multisport
• Collecting the advantages/benefits of media activities
• Gold medals in various athletics and karate competitions
• Ski Monitoring (effected in Wallis in 2003)
• Scuba Diving Monitoring, special children scuba diving
• Monitor-Instructor: Ski, diving, karate, rescue, coach youth and sport, Jet ski, formation of Assistant-Monitors etc...
• Travel agent - guide - reporter
• Reporting of various countries around the World

Passionate in mountain sports, water sports, diving, jetski...
(ski, surf, snow scooter)
• Owner of two sport shops (equipment forscuba diving and mountain sports), the biggest around Geneva + travel agency
• Passionate in research and discovery of great project around the world

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Thanks to the High School of Engineers of Geneva, in particular the Aerotechnical Laboratory directed by
Prof Michel Perraudin, Patty could perform very professional speed skiing tests in the wind tunnel
under tough conditions. This wind channel consisting of 4 fans of 75 kw each is one of ther most important in
Switzerland. Aerodynamics plays an essential role in speed skiing to maximize performance.
Aerodynamics plays an essential role in speed skiing to maximize performance.