Area: 1’001 The 450km2
Population: 86 to 249 300~
Capital: The Cairo
Language: Arabic
nature of the Country: Republic
Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP)Holidays in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt – stay in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Monnaie: Livre égyptienne (EGP)Holidays in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt – Stay in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt


The choice of 1 or 2 weeks!  A DREAM WEEK…JUST A DREAM (ill-tempered should refrain!):

Flights, hotels 4 ** (Egyptian) based on double room and half board, 4 days of diving including Rasmohamed or Tiran (natural reserve), one excursion…

Surprise!  for less than CHF 2000.- per week! €1250 / / Only CHF 1990.- or  €1243:

INCLUDES: flights, transfers, hotel double room with half board, dives, Rasmohamed or Tiran (nature reserve), excursion. 

The HOTEL: of the Accor Group or upon request, room with shower, air-conditioning, satellite TV, telephone, radio, minibar.  Free at guests disposal: 2 swimming pools, jacuzzi, safe deposit, library, dancing lessons,

Sport coaching, aqua-gym, live music evening… and for 5 Egyptian pounds (not a lot!) transfer to the Novotel hotel to spend a day without diving (for diver partners) and to still enjoy many activities!  Flight with Royal Air Jordan or Egyptair


 Airport Tax CHF 80.-, Visa  CHF 40.–,

Additional fees:

CHF 150.- depending on departure date, CHF 120.- for single room, US$ 5.- national park tax

lunch (on boat to pay directly to the captain), diving equipment other than lead belt and bottles


Indicated prices: CHF/Swissfrancs subject  to change and depending on seats available. Exchange rate taken into account €1 = 1, 6 CHF

Information and reservation: SCUBA-DREAM-Center PADI 5 ** – Filling station (between the « Pallanterie » and the Police Station « La Capite » 24H/24H, Route de Thonon 146

CH1222 VÉSENAZ/GE Tel ++41/22.752.56.26;

Opening Hours: Mon/Wed/Thu/Fri.: 01.00PM-07.00PM (Thu: 05.00PM) Sat: 11.00AM-05.00PM

The dolphins in Egypt… So much to discover:

 « I almost have tears in the eyes of happiness, they are gorgeous, they swim all excited at the surface and plunges in harmony to the bottom of approx. 5-10 m and back to the surface. » I take my camera to film. I find it hard to concentrate on the film. A fabulous show! And YES those are the dolphins of the Dolfin House, the sea-site near Marsa Alam. Excursion by boat for divers and swimmers with mask fins & snorkel (no bottles). In apnea, sometimes I forgot to breath… I hear them ‘whistle’, jump for joy and happiness, and in addition they observe me, they want  to play with me and leave all together.These images will remain engraved in my heart, an unforgettable moment which I wish to all of you since it is unique…

The highlights and the most interesting points regarding the price/quality relationship for the diving «resort» remain Sharm el Sheikh (see below more info/details-Sharm). Question of taste… for fun on the surface and unforgettable evenings (despite crowded dive sites); we recommend the ANTHIAS DIVERS –; ask for Simone-Susanne (friends of Patty),; (or Khaled, Manager of the center). Their phone: + 20124761962 or 0693600725, club located at Namaa – hotel 5 ** they will pick you up wherever you are, they are serious people and generally in time)

To the South:

More down South of Safaga between Marsa Alam and Qossair, the UTOPIA RESORT (for its all inclusive formula). This luxurious hotel, where you shall feel just as at home, will always remain in your memory…  and Marsa Alaam – Shagra (to the South).. .the Red Sea diving safari or the Red Sea Safari):; or; located in Marsa Alam at Shagra Village and Nadari Village further South, or you will be diving at almost virgin sites with shoals of fish reducing your visibility to 10m, night dives, where you can meet all kinds of animals sleeping so deeply and sometimes are moving to surprise you and you leaving open-mouthed (turtles, Spanish dancer)…. The photographer and cameraman is certain going to enjoy… just open your eyes.

Each morning, speed boats, zodiacs or boats take you to the dive sites, sometimes starting at 06:00AM  (in the South of Egypt) or around 08 00-09:00AM at Sharm and Hurghada. For those who dream to sleep all of the morning need to choose. The South providing the most beautiful diving practices and the best time is early in the morning…

Sometimes 1-2-3 dives per day for a-day-journey or possibly you return ashore between 2 dives. Meals on the boat are hearty (cost approx. 20 CHF-€12-€15)


Best links from Switzerland are with Egyptair and Edelweiss, departure from Zurich or Geneva, then direct flight to Hurghada (for transfer to the South) or Sharm Sharm El Sheikh:

Diving Center: ANTHIAS DIVERS,;; ask for Simone-Susanne (friends of Patty) who manages the center. Their phone: + 20124761962 or the hotel directly = 0693600725, club located in Namaa – serious and mainly in  time! or another diving center near the harbor (more specialized in snorkeling tours and boat rental, (a little less timely and professional than one above).

The Wave, held by Achmed Sameer, a friend of Patty, a pioneer of diving center in Sharm (nearly 20 years).)

Information for car rentals, counsels, problems, spacious room and info on « what », « how » and « where »: Khaled Gomaa, a friend Patty Moll tel.  0123165728. Khaled owns a large beauty center (manicure-pedicure for ladies, French top à « l’Egyptian », haircutting) at the Hyatt Hotel, beautiful grand hotel in Naama. Gentlemen, the hotel is great for a drink or for its evening shows.

Hotel not to be missed… Delirium: Laguna Vista close to the airport area, spend a moment for a drink or dinner or… take taxi to the hotel… it is really worthwhile… Hotel, Las Vegas-style with swimming pool in front of your room which leads to the sea, caves, waterfalls etc.

Do not miss an evening at the Sanafir, one of the 1st hotels in Sharm at Naama center. (At night, the indoors are worth the detour, but you may also go (still in the interior but behind) to the disco Pasha where you find pool, bar, waterfall, Egyptian dancers, show divers in the most famous discotheque of Sharm): Le Pacha (formerly = Bus Stop.) Evenings: dream or Egyptian parties (Russian dancers… Hum!). Owner = Adli Mistelkawe (a friend of Patty who speaks French…). Do not hesitate to ask the staff inside of where he is. He is really a very interesting person. A super guy. See their site on; located at the old Sharm market and shops (souk). Quite cheaper than in Sharm (gold, souvenirs). Take the taxi or the bus from Naama

At Sharm (not Naama): typical restaurant at the beach: The Terrassina or the Pirates Pub & Club Sharm el Maya (next to the Old Market), held by Mohamed Samir (friend of Patty – my little brother out there!). A bar and restaurant, fresh food, very often fully booked, a pirate ship among others as a decoration, your feet almost in the water, you may eat at night or spend some time at the beach, very friendly. Book before at tel 0106001198 or 0105006621 Mohamed… There are few tourists and depending on the time is always fully booked, not 1st class but fresh food, good ambiance and very nice decoration directly at the beach.

Don’t miss Tiran and Rasmo – ask at the dive center in order to book your day in advance. Snorkeler or diver, a visa is required, it can be obtained directly at the airport of Sharm.

If you want to buy a house, a friend of Patty, Mr Isham Azmi tel 0122113939 will provide you with all information you may require. He is very well known and is considered as the greatest architect in town).

Boat from Sharm to Hurghada (but not in the contrary direction), duration approx. 2h00,  departures not every day – ask Maged 0128229877; or Mena Tours opposite to the Marriott Hotel: Samia 0693600936-0127703552 who will also gladly take care of your flight or tour reservations.

Rental of telephones, purchase of chips, repair of portable telephones (a true miracle!), accessories etc.: ask for Tamer Bahi (friend of Patty) tel 0103009780; (he is also a lawyer) c/o Vodafone (not far away from Hard Rock, Naama), the largest and most professional outfit. You will get right away your chip with your Egyptian number and compatible with your mobile (national and international calls are much cheaper).

For your swimwear (top class – all copies) and other beach accessories: store at the top of the escalator on your right between the main avenue of Naama and the beach: El Habiba Textile & Garment of Mr. Sameh 0123642020 = AISA.

A store at the bottom of Namaa, THE souvenir and handicraft shop: Ky Rollos tel 0105745293.

Old Market – souvenir shop, friendly and you are not getting nabbed when buying your gifts, tel + 20108127795.

Other information about Egypt:

Hurgada Contacts-Information:

Salah Mohamed (a Nubian and friend of Patty) and Hamdi (travel agency and transport  from Luxor to Sharm). Tel 0104040437

Top restaurants – not to be missed:

 « Star Fish Seafood Restaurant »;; at the Sheraton Road – Tel 344.3751 or 3443750 or 0126526525

Belly dancing « à l’Egyptian », unforgettable place even after 5:00 in the morning (you can eat and drink but in particular to watch true Egyptian belly-dancing)

Horas 2 Hurghada to Marsa Alam, about 150km until Wadilami or 4 to 6 hours by road

 Luxor: Your travelguide to book your hotel, transportation, excursions etc.: the specialist: Hamdi: 0105087951 (known to all, a large Egyptian travel agency).

They organize your cruises on the Nile for 50% less than those offered in Europe.

Assouan: Nice basic hotel in the center with a magnificent terrace for your meals and especially a super nice owner: Keylany Hotel Group held by Mohamed Hashem in the 25 Keylany Street – 81111 Aswan.; +20.010.1070275

Company Lake Nasser Adventure –; excursions, cruises on the lake, excursions to Assouan, too, relatively expensive but apparently VIP style. Owners: a Nubian very well known in the region (Negrachi) tel 0123503825 and a tel. no. in Switzerland: 0121040255 – Patty knows both of them.

Nile cruises:

 M/S « Nile Ruby » classified 5 ** (rather 3 **!) but anyway very top class. Departure from Luxor and after 2 nights arrival in Assouan with friendly stopovers for visiting temples or cities on the Nile. Cruises are sold by the Assouan travel agency held by Mr. Hamdi. Swimming pool, air-conditioned rooms overlooking the Nile, very relaxing and really cool! Patty knows the captain of the boat and he will allow you to go to the front of the boat (closed to the public), Magnificent views at the the dam, in particular during dam openings. Captain Ruby 0103899723, speaks +/- English.


If you are not choosing major grand hotel chains, you have the possibility to stay at the hotel Horris: CHF 20-25 (approx. €15) the night with breakfast (even served in bed is also possible). A hotel more than basic, but when one wishes to visit and be in the center (close to markets and night life) it’s ok. Address: 526 July street, tel 25910478 + 25910547 + 25910389. Otherwise in Cairo, it is recommend to spend minimum 3 days. The night light shows of the pyramids may be worthwhile  (question of taste!) but do not to pay the VIP-supplement to be in the first ranks because there are very few tourists for the French language session. You have always the possibility to be in the first ranks..

Down South of Marsa, ask to do some dives: Maksour or the Furichual reef or Claudia (about one hour by boat)

Dolfins house: Shagra between Marsa and Wadilami Reservation: Ismail or Saunders, tel 0127438285



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