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  Advice to travelers in brief

The travel advice provided by the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA gives information on the security situation abroad. They complement the other sources. Travellers are solely responsible for the preparation and organization of their trip.
Consider in particular certain recommendations before your departure:

Customs formalities

–    Obtain information as soon as possible from the Embassy of your country of destination about the conditions of entry and residence (required identity documents, visa conditions for ordinary passports and temporary/emergency passports), as well as on the provisions governing the import and export of animals, electronic devices¸ antiques, objects of cultural heritage, etc. Also check if the validity of your visa covers the duration of your stay.
–    In many countries, minors travelling alone or accompanied by only one parent need a special authorization of the parents or of the non-accompanying parent. The Embassy of the country of destination provides the necessary information.
–    Respect the Swiss prescriptions governing the importation of goods purchased abroad.

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