Sumahan Hotel on the water

Sumahan Hotel sits on the very edge of the Bosphorus Straits which separate Europe from Asia and link the cold waters of the Black Sea to the warm waters of the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean beyond. The Bosphorus feeds the heart and spirit of the city.

Situation "on the water"

  • 24 rooms
  • Style: Design Modern
  • Atmosphere: Peaceful

Sumahan on the Water’s 24 rooms and suites, all lining the Bosphorus side of the house, are airy, wide-open, and decked out in crisp minimalist lines and neutral colors. Many come with fireplaces, useful for those cozy winter nights, and all come with luxurious marble bathrooms. They’re the sort of rooms you could imagine holing up in quite comfortably, and have proven popular with honeymooners and anyone in search of a romantic escape.

The main restaurant serves contemporary Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines, and the second restaurant plays to Sumahan’s greatest strength, dishing up light international fare on a terrace by the water


  • Street:Kuleli Caddesi
  • City: Istanbul
  • State:Turkey
  • Country:Turkey


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